Gemma Paradise

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about Me 


"I have been thoroughly unable to put the experience out of my head for over 24 hours so far. There is a minuscule likelihood of this feeling abating alacritously. It's almost inconceivable that each time we meet is markedly more intense, passionate, engaging and, above all, fun than the previous times."  
—A friend



I am a natural redhead with bright blue eyes, lots of freckles, and an hourglass figure with 32DDD breasts and a ideal 0.7 waist-to-hip ratio. You'll find that I'm perfectly feminine from head to toe, with an air of sophistication and confidence.

Though I've traveled the world and spent most of my adult life as a denizen of New York, I'm a laid-back West Coast girl at the core. It doesn't take a penthouse suite or a Penn diploma to impress me, just a kind heart and a sense of humor. 

I am always deeply present in the moment when I'm with you, dedicated to making our time together truly exquisite. 

I am currently based in NOLA.