thank You!

Gifts are never expected. However, I am often asked what I would like, and I am grateful for your thoughtfulness.

My absolute favorite is a gift certificate for either Kabuki Springs or Archimedes Banya.

I will always appreciate and use a gift card for Barneys, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, or Agent Provocateur.

I do not drink alcohol (even champagne!) or smoke (even fine cigars!), and I am not currently eating sweets.


Dress: 8

Lingerie: 34F (34DD at Agent Provocateur), medium or large bottom (size 3 at Agent Provocateur)

Shoe: 38 / US 8

Having a curvy figure makes finding the perfect fit tricky sometimes, so kindly include a gift receipt with any apparel gifts.


Beverages: Sparkling water, unsweetened black iced tea, cold brew

Scents: Pepper, wood, green, citrus

Colors: Gold, Klein blue, black