I screen all new friends, without exception, for my safety and comfort and for the safety and comfort of my wonderful clients.

I absolutely will not see you if you do not pass my screening. If you are not willing and/or able to comply with my screening protocol please refrain from contacting me.


I offer six options for screening, detailed below. The first three options are suitable for those who have seen providers before and the latter three options are ideal for newbies. Please provide one or more of the following:


1. Provider references

I will happily reach out to other providers to verify you. I require the following:

  1. You met with the providers within the past six months.

  2. They are established verifiable providers.

  3. You are able to provide at least two references. 

Please send the following for each of your two references:

  1. Name

  2. Website and/or social media links

  3. Email and/or phone number


2. P411

Please have at least two recent (within six month) okays. 


3. Private Delights 

Please have at least two recent verified reviews from established providers. Click the "Get Screened" button on my profile. Then, send me a quick text or email to let me know that you've done so.


4. Employment Verification

Please send one or more of the following:

  1. A link to your LinkedIn profile, which must have a photo and 200+ connections for me to accept it as screening

  2. Your work website bio, with pic

  3. A link to another website including a photo of you that verifies your employment (such as your IMDB page or a newspaper or magazine article about you)

  4. A photo of your work ID badge and a photo of your government-issued ID

5. student Verification

Please send one or more of the following:

  1. Student ID

  2. An email from your .edu address

You must also provide a photo of your government-issued ID (you may obscure the address, but photo, name, and date of birth must be visible). This is to verify your identity and to confirm that you are 25+ years old. I will not book with anyone under 25. No exceptions.


6. Coffee Consultation (with id)

If none of the above options work for you, you can book a public meeting with me in lieu of other screening. We'll meet at a coffeeshop or bar and chat for around 30 minutes. If all goes well, we'll schedule a session for another day.

I never offer a session on the same day as a consult. 

Coffee consultations are $200, cash only. Please present this amount in a gift card or small gift bag at the beginning of the consult.

You MUST provide government-issued photo ID in order to book a consult. 


Both members of a couple must pass screening.

If you are a new client and wish to book an overnight or fly me to you, you must provide your legal name, government-issued photo ID, and verifiable employment information.